Queenstown Captivates

In 2009, my parents, partner and I visited Queenstown, NZ together. It was a whirlwind trip – 4 hours in this city. I thought of it as a regular town, much like Wanaka. I had a fleeting experience. I was mistaken.

My partner and I went back to live in Queenstown in the summers of 2011 (3 months) and 2012 (6 months).  And it was worth every dollar we spent.



Since we lived there, we keep coming back for summers and the latest shows our visit at Amour Queenstown, Panorama Terrace, Queenstown. The idyllic home has sprawling views of the Remarkables Mountain Range and the Lake Wakatipu. The owner Rose showed us the different paintings and artworks in the lounge.

Queenstown is the most beautiful, breathtaking, amazing place I visited in New Zealand.