October 1, 2009


I dream of a world where there is freedom not just for the rich, beautiful, straight; not just for the ones with right skin color or the right language; not just for the powerful or the religious; not just for some; not just for the majority; but freedom for every ONE.

Freedom to think critically, to discover the truth, to be judged based on reason as standard, to love and be loved conditionally based on his/her ability to grow and think. 

This blog is mostly about my experiences in online marketing, engaging with customers worldwide and creating a purpose-driven life. I am a student of life, a self-learner and I am fortunate to have the best teachers in applied business and applied critical thinking, guiding me as I take on the world. I am a sponge for knowledge, a dreamer, a strong-willed introvert.

I am driven to improve my mind — growing, learning, challenging my limits until I die. I am a self-sustaining, business-building individual.

Current civic projects

CRITICAL MEDIA GROUP – Ideas that make you think http://criticalmediagroup.com/

SHELDONTHINKS – Development of Applied Critical Thinking and an Integrated Approach to Life

GIFT2LIFE – Premier Breast Cancer Foundation in the Philippines


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