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Global Mining

If you want to learn how to think about investing, and how to choose companies/ commodities to invest in, no matter where you start, we recommend this book.

Foreclosed Properties in Japan

This book is much more than just a compilation of market information. The writer is an experienced market analyst who offers insights you will not get elsewhere.

Philippines Property

Research for this Philippine property guide included experts from the Philippine Bureau of Lands, professional real estate brokers, customers/investors and business consultants.

New Zealand Property

This 150+ page eBook is only for serious NZ Real Estate property investors. Buying property in New Zealand is a great investment and a lifestyle proposition.

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Literary works that this new age needs.

We believe that humans are capable of self-regulation and self-governance. With the proper education and moral guidance, we can live in a free world where there is no incarceration of the mind. We believe in humanity. We believe in truth. We believe in combining psychology and science to achieve effective solutions to conflicts.

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    Our Belief in Humanity

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    Intensive contextual analysis.

  • Our Philosophy

    Reason as Standard.

  • Our Promise

    To live free and fulfilled.

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